Thursday, May 25, 2006

Miss me?

So I was not in town. That having been said, I think I can leave the rest to all the great story-tellers out there.
But no! I do want talk about it...
First lets talk about how I feel right now...
1) drowsy
2) silly smiles on my face
3) pain in the back

But pain is good. The last month was a journey for me.

The first trip was to varanasi.
That was for a wedding. My aunt happened to get married. My aunt. My inspiration. She is 35, charmingly refreshing, funky, and very career-wise,wise. She did not want to get married, but the Family finally caught with her. And there she is, out in Vaanasi, wedded.


Kay Vee said...

hey good 2 see u back!

yes! missed you!

dazedandconfused said...

yeah, nice to have u back...

singlewheatfemale said...

@ shitrint:

missed you too :)
sweet dreams ;p

singlewheatfemale said...

@ dazed:

forgot to comment on your post on matrimonym ;) hope you're getting on good.
don't take jyada tension.

Anshuman said...

Aditi said...

hey its good to have u back..
varanasi.. i bet it was a nice trip

Kay Vee said...

ok ok i now understand wat the "sweet dreams" is for..!?!?
sheesh! wat a dumbass i am!
hehe yup sweet dreams to myself and u too!

AlterinG Abhishek said...

welcome back M,
Missed ya rey!!
nice pics..
there is a BIg pic of SHIVA on the wall somehwere around where this pic has been takeen na..!
Did u goto ram/laxman Khula?
Did u go river rafting!!

The "AARTI" in the evening is way out of life experiance!!

may god bless u..

wormtongue said...

hello! :) wouldnt say i missed ya cause ive been missing myself...:| had fun at the wedding then?
whatever one says about marriages... the food is always good...:P

Kay Vee said...

heya girl!
post something new yaar!
we miss your posts however dimaag-pe-shot they are!!