Sunday, January 15, 2006


Angels cheering out to me,
As I lay back in my womb.
Demons leering out at me,
As I lay back in my tomb.

Dreaming, hoping, dying for,
A new lease of life.
Cuz my present has been,
Minced by the jeering knife.

Oh! the past that's past,
Swept away by the time.
Never been roses all the way,
have been white lilies too.

Learning, thinking, picking up,
the pieces, which I'd left,
Don't know where I'd abandoned them,
but, trying to go back with deft.

Friday, January 13, 2006


She felt a seering pain,
rushing through her bosom.
And who would have thought,
That her life was but wholesome?

She envelopes herself in,
Her world of shadows.
Wishes and ambitions crying out,
For her like ancient widows.

She wants to tell the world,
Of her pain, scream and shout.
But will anyone listen,
Without a gram of doubt?

She resigns herselfto her fate,
Her story left untold.
Still, crouching, mingling with darkness,
Letting herself, unfold.

She is the divine creation,
Enveloped in her misery.
Oh! what a paradoxical irony,
The creator of man-child, killed...
because she is a SHE....

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Swami Vivekananda
12.01.1863- 04.07.1902

his clarion call to the youth:

"We want infinite energy, infinite zeal, infinite courage
and infinite patience; then on;y will great things be achieved."

A greatful nation pays homage to
Swami Vivekanada

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Past Imperfect

Thinking of the past that's gone,
Washed away, swept away,
Gearing up for the new sun.

Still sitting alone, in my corner,
Engrossed in my thoughts.
The life's greatest adventurer,
trying to recede into a dot.

People ask, oh yes, they do.
They need brain fodder, don't they?
Pepper to spice up their tongues,
To woo...

They try to ask,
What happened,
"What went wrong?"
The effervescent stain
-The question
Yup, its gone last for long.

Life's not unfair,
No, never has been.
Sure the cost of living,
Has risen,
And I still haven't.

Phoenix, my past is,
rising above the city din.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Glory is a poison, that can only be taken in small doses.

Today we have bigger houses and smaller families.
we have more degrees and less common sensee.
More knowledge, but less application.

WE have multiplied our possessions
reduced our values.
WE talk too much, laugh too little,
lie too often.

WE have taller buildings , but shorter temperatures.
we have conquered outer space,
not inner space...

So, these were some select line from one of the e-mails I got long time back.
I love this lines. If anybody has any ideas about who exactly wrote them, please
contact me.
I know its a long shot... But what the hell? I am the eternal optimist!