Sunday, March 22, 2009


yes. i'm writing after a long time. yes. i've been out. yes. i've been keeping busy. yes to all.. i've lost the will to fight... no more of that now. i'm starting on a fresh page. glossy white. no lines. no holds barred. somebody suggested a new beginning... this is where i do it.
so what did I do today? I woke up and started shooting off messages to people who have been closer than family to me. the people whom I consider my own. who have seen me in the nerdiest of my phases n the brightest, n still perhapes liked me for who I am.
Dedicated to my friends:

my friends who are not like rain or sunshine that comes and goes away. they are like the air I breathe which I might not b able to see, but is always around me, hugging me, enveloping friends make me feel like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes that even when I'm having my weirdest "Kazaam" moments...they get it...they are a one up better in that...

all I can say is that guys... Dpk, Rags, Dips n Swaggy.. u guys r the light at the end of the tunnel for me but rite now I gues I'm passing thru a blind turn. I love you.....