Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And your point is?

So you think you have had
Enough of metaphors?
Well, be relieved.
Let me give a break,
To your brains sore.

So you want to snatch,
Away my poetic license.
Boiled enough, ready with,
Knives to dice and mince.

So you think you've had,
enough of hard-core sadness.
Funny, don't you think,
I write about mirth, wrapped
in a joke mess?

But let me at least,
Bring my case to point.
I am trying to be a poet,
Its my job to anoint.

It is I, who let you,
Rediscover imagination.
To put a smile to your lips,
With many of my creation.

So lets not be melodramatic,
Put your voices in joint.
Wrap an albatross around my neck,
To bring your case to point.

Love to hate me,
Hate to love me.
All I say is...

I am here to say,
I'll not plead on bent knee.
But I rest my case,
with a justified plea.
Don't get confused,
Its just the way-
You are you
and I am ME!!!