Sunday, June 24, 2007


Parvez’s wedding reception today. Before, I allow my untamed (potty-untrained) to rum amok, let me explain who Parvez is.He’s a batch-mate. Good friend. decent guy. So yeah, now that you’ve the idea, he also happened to take a lot of pain to invite Sia and me for today’s ceremony. Literally. He fell off his bike, while coming to post the invitations. Called up. Sent card by courier, called up again to ensure that it reached et al. so, obviously, I went gaily.

Fantastic!!! Extravagant!!!! Lavish!!!! Words failed me when I reached there though. OOOH!! By the way, in Muslim weddings, they have a partition between me and women. Hmmmm… anyways, Parvez, there he was with his wife( Ouch!! Feels weird, saying that. After all, he’s my age.), on the stage, looking harassed, already with lots of aunties, taking turns at pinching his cheeks and kissing his wife (ouch!!! Again!!)


Oh by the way, I drove at night, which was a abso-blood-lutetly B-E-A-uuutiful feeling….He he he.

Cheers dude. May you have a happy, long-lasting life....