Sunday, June 24, 2007


Parvez’s wedding reception today. Before, I allow my untamed (potty-untrained) to rum amok, let me explain who Parvez is.He’s a batch-mate. Good friend. decent guy. So yeah, now that you’ve the idea, he also happened to take a lot of pain to invite Sia and me for today’s ceremony. Literally. He fell off his bike, while coming to post the invitations. Called up. Sent card by courier, called up again to ensure that it reached et al. so, obviously, I went gaily.

Fantastic!!! Extravagant!!!! Lavish!!!! Words failed me when I reached there though. OOOH!! By the way, in Muslim weddings, they have a partition between me and women. Hmmmm… anyways, Parvez, there he was with his wife( Ouch!! Feels weird, saying that. After all, he’s my age.), on the stage, looking harassed, already with lots of aunties, taking turns at pinching his cheeks and kissing his wife (ouch!!! Again!!)


Oh by the way, I drove at night, which was a abso-blood-lutetly B-E-A-uuutiful feeling….He he he.

Cheers dude. May you have a happy, long-lasting life....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007





Thursday, May 03, 2007

Status Quo

Man oh Man! Life changes so fast. Oh wait! That's not right. perceptions, feelings, emotions- all futile, freakingly dynamic things.. They change faster than you can say Edward deBono. Take today, for instance, who would have thought, eh?

Oh, I'm not making myself clear, for my own comfort. Before I allow my untamed(potty-untrained) mind to ramble on, i should cite that all following words are going to be- bLAH!

The call, 7:47 pm. Went over to meet it. Maach-bhaath. Shorse baata maach, my favourite. with a little less salt. Smoke. Smoke-screen. A haze. Look past it and I see tears. The river of depression. Promotion-AAD. Emotion.

QED: Its not right. Going at break-neck speed towards the sky and then falling down with nothing to cushion you.

Said it: I have a family to look after. My career in front o me. Heck, possibly the most important year, round that ubiquitous corner.

And I let out a sigh of relief. A long, overdue, over-suppressed sigh.

So I don't know where I am and where I want to be, or go, or as if that matters.
As far as I know, the death of communication happened... today.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I live in a colony where, thankfully, people are culturally inclined. Consequently, we have lots of events, activities, programs and what-have-you in our "paadaa"....
So current goings on are a Book Fair, in accordance to the beginning of a new Bengali year.
Now the thing about book fairs are that they are KLPD, as a worthy friend aptly put it!
Point to be noted melaard!!! That abbreviation is not necessarily not my vocab.
Anyways, coming back to the point, books are nice, they are beautiful. They call me. The entice me... Laughing, cuz I cant reach them, due to me meager savings. Ergo, I'm sad. Depressed. more like it.
Boo Hoo.. etc

Some of the damnest best books that India has produced are by Penguin... And I cant afford the penguin.
So here's another inspiration coming your way by yours truly:
Drat the Penguin,
Drat the Penguin.
oye hoye penguin teri manmaani...
Drat the Penguin,
Drat the Penguin.

Sheesh... my life. Hmm

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


For I've a fortress around me,
surrounding, closing, binding, enclosing.
For I've been building it a while,
slowly, carefully, painstakingly, deliberately.

The walls engulf, the walls hold,
The walls calm, the walls scold.
A torrent of emotions inside waiting to let go,
The walls, controlling, willing to attack my foe.

For the wall is the mask, the veil,
It disguises the passions within, the gale.
For once in a while, it puts an emotion or two in the gallows,
The voices, inherent, screaming from the hollows.

The walls protect, the walls guide,
The walls preserve, the walls hide.
A fragile beast encumbered, sleeping,
Shouldn't let go, the walls dictating.

For now, the walls of the fortress wither,
weak, tremor, shudder, powerless.
Something corroding, eating away at the wall,
Noxious, malicious, venomous...

The fortress has been a friend, a confidant,
A comrade, a martyr.
The beast wakes up now, to say to all,
I can do without, I can do sans the wall.

For what matters is not the poison,
But the actuality of it seeping unto me.
For now, I realise, I sans fortress, sans walls,
Who will be my salvation, to save me?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

By the way...

Its Febuarary..... So I guess a
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! HOOOOOO, YIPPPPPEEEEEE and etc are in order...
And also, realised my blog silently and inconspicuously turned 1 year old, with no fuss, no mess. it did not turn up at home drunk. So i'm happy. she's happy. Everybody's happy.
and oh yeah.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMELIA!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just a thought...

Memories seem to be such a waste. Useless things stored up, it seems to me at times. Sad memories always make you sad. But ever realised how even happy memories can make you sad when everything ends unpleasantly...?