Thursday, May 25, 2006

The second trip was to Ajmer.
That was my nani's barsi. Don't wanna talk about it, so leave it. Thimma, may the sweetest soul rets in peace.

Miss me?

So I was not in town. That having been said, I think I can leave the rest to all the great story-tellers out there.
But no! I do want talk about it...
First lets talk about how I feel right now...
1) drowsy
2) silly smiles on my face
3) pain in the back

But pain is good. The last month was a journey for me.

The first trip was to varanasi.
That was for a wedding. My aunt happened to get married. My aunt. My inspiration. She is 35, charmingly refreshing, funky, and very career-wise,wise. She did not want to get married, but the Family finally caught with her. And there she is, out in Vaanasi, wedded.