Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fly away, sail away
Sail across the troubled waters.
You conquered it all
You vanquished it all.

Go yonder the black clouds,
and look unto thee.
The light that shines in you.
The light that leads you.

Whispers softly to the winds,
Growing softer and softer,
Calmer and calmer,
stronger and stronger,
The storms within have been rested.

Tears a many have been invested,
Now the raft beckons thee.
For it has a shining light
Look yonder and you'll see
The future is much bright.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

pichla janam

In a Past Life...
You Were: A Jittery Viking.

Where You Lived: Ukraine.

How You Died: Killed in Battle.
href=">Who'>">Who Were You In a Past Life?

I have a theory... I feel we all are about as happy as we let ourselves to be. And in relationships, this holds a lotta water. Ok, since you are pulling those confused faces at this logic, let me enlighten ye... Hold on... who knows, this might win the nobel prize or something....

The secret to a very happy relationship is... ta-da-da...(*drumroll*)... BEING YOURSELF!!!!! YIPPPEEE!!!! There. I made my point. er... ahem... Not exactly earth-quaking, eye-popping, heart-clutching revelation. But a revelation, none the less amigo.

Here goes. We should completely let go of our inhibitions while in a solid relationship. And that holds for any kind of them under the sun. Be it with your parents. Be it with your sibling. Be it with your boyfriend or spouse... Its the hang-ups that hold us back. And eventually, we spend the entire time thinking about how to impress the other person, rather than just act upon our gut feelings. You see, that other person probably knows you better than well.... you. And he/ she doesn't give a rat's ass if you are not wearing that in color of the season, he/ she doesn't care whether you..heck... let out that tiny fart. No need to go red. Just go Talking. Communication people. That's the most important key and i guess we have forgotten the combination on that lock. We keep ourselves cooped up.

Gosh! After coming to the fag end of this piece, I suddenly very agony-auntish or one of those "loove gurus" on the FM channels!!!! hehehehe

But guess, we can all do with a little love. Eh?