Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just a thought...

Memories seem to be such a waste. Useless things stored up, it seems to me at times. Sad memories always make you sad. But ever realised how even happy memories can make you sad when everything ends unpleasantly...?


Anonymous said...

its an interesting ideology!!
how kool if we could just format and use the spece eh!!
BUt lemme tell you..
its all these meories that are an amazing base .....
All you have to do is change ur outlook using your new memories and experiances and then you get top see these old good bad memoirs in new and amazing ways!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ alter abhi:
thanks! :D
absolutely yaar...
i mean it wud be nice if i cud too erase some memories like they did in "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"...but then i wud lose the lesson too. so i wud like to keept it like it is!

singlewheatfemale said...

logon!!! zara yaad karo.... ME!!!! ]
I'm back.. oh wait(shit!) i, ummm.... dont know, If I'm back.
So tell u later when I post something titled: "I'm Back!"